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Rates & Services

 Email: [email protected] for a free, 5-page review & suggested level of editing.

CHOICES... Do you want an editor or proofreader?

An editor helps clarify your writing. Here are some definitions to help you make the choice on the level of editing that is right for you.

EDITOR – Examines text with the purpose of improving word flow, suggesting contextual changes to provide clarity where there is confusion, and maintaining proper style, point-of-view and organization of content are all a part of editing services. Your text is reviewed for consistency and clarity, and an honest opinion is offered on how a specific audience might react to your work.

Editing usually requires the freedom to omit entire sentences and rewrite entire paragraphs. It doesn’t necessarily involve proofreading. However, obvious grammatical errors are usually corrected during the editing process. Unnecessary wordiness is also modified, and potential issues are brought to the attention of the writer.

A document which has been edited still needs to be proofread, as editing and proofreading are not the same things. Editing helps assure that a document is logical.

It corrects structural and organizational problems. Items corrected in editing include: wordiness and ambiguity; unnecessary and/or awkward sentences, paragraphs, or pages; inappropriate or poor word choice; faulty organization; passive voice; and tone.

Editing takes a significant amount of time and effort. Isn’t your great work worth a great editor? If you should choose me as your editor, you will receive quality editing and exceptional service.

PROOFREADER – Corrects spelling, syntax, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and obvious errors, such as the unintentional use of there when it is clear the correct word is their. Proofreading occurs later in the writing process, usually just after the final editing and before the final draft that will be presented for publication.

A proofreader is a final set of eyes and usually communicates with the publisher rather than with the author (unless he or she is self-publishing). In proofreading, I look for language errors only. Any slighting awkward but not incorrect phrasing will be left alone. If you are self-publishing, this service is appropriate to check the page proofs you receive from the printer. Proofreading page proofs also involves attention to issues of typography and final layout such as ensuring optimal word breaks at the end of a line.

Take the next step toward getting your book ready for the world! Your book represents your best. Just write... let me do the editing for you!


Proofreading: $2.5 per page. 

(250 words = 1 page) Grammatical & spelling errors corrected. This is "the last set of eyes" to review your previously edited manuscript before it goes to press. Working with a completed manuscript.

Copy Editing: $4 per page.

Basic editing, grammatical and contextual errors. Checking for word choice, flow of story and timeline. Working with a completed manuscript.

Extensive Editing: $7 per page.

Personalized insight and coaching on improving your writing, grammatical tips, and suggestions for additional plot/character development. Includes copy editing services. Consultations as needed (phone, Skype, email). Working with rough-draft manuscript.

Translations: (Spanish /English): Conversational - $0.15 per word.

Poetry - $0.30 per word.

Minimum Fee Per Job - $50

DEPOSIT: Work begins once 50% payment of invoice is received. Balance due upon delivery of final edits.

Over 300 pages? Let's talk! 

Special page rates may be arranged depending on the length and amount of editing needed.

TURNAROUND TIME:A 30-day lead time is requested. Smaller projects may be completed sooner, depending on complexity and editor work-load. Please submit manuscript or sample text in Microsoft Word file format. I will use the "track changes" feature; so you can see suggested edits.

Rush Fee - $100

(2-week turnaround or less, 150 pg. max. Available on a limited basis, if current workload allows.)